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Tiago Madaleno - Canto II - Clepsydra - Clepsidra - Serralves - Poster - Flyer - Cartaz

Title: Canto II - Clepsydra

Dimensions: 35,3 x 50 cm

Concept: Tiago Madaleno

Text: Tiago Madaleno 

Design: Tiago Madaleno

Printing: Norcópia

Print run: 1000 copies

First edition: October 2017, printed in Portugal

Language: Portuguese and english

Page number: 2

Color: Black

Exhibition: Clepsydra (2017-2018), Serralves, Porto

  Canto II - Clepsydra was developed for the exhibition Clepsydra, at Serralves, Porto, as part of the Novo Banco Revelation prize 2017. 

 The exhibition focus upon the story of a sailor that attempts to recover a image at night with the help of a machine that produced light with his steps, ending up chase until reaching the sea. 

   Canto II - Clepsydra is half poster, half flyer, approaching the narrative ramifications inside that story, splitting them into four moments. Through the appropriation of the formal language of Russian constructivists and and the work of Paulo de Cantos, the poster-flyer continues the poetic of a sync between man and machine, suggesting an absurd epic with lugubrious tone.  

   The poster-flyer design, made by Tiago Madaleno, uses Futura Std font, including the Medium and Heavy styles, combined with handmade typography. It was published as part of the exhibition Clepsydra, Serralves, Porto, in an edition with 1000 copies.

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