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from mouth to sprout

Lugar do desenho, gondomar, 2016

© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

From Mouth to Sprout (2016)        

Installation view

   From Mouth to Sprout invokes a pseudo-cientific approach to consider an absurd premisse: the attempt to create a machine able to coincide the gesture of blowing with the growth of a sunflower's stem.

   The project began as an attempt to answer the question: how can I bring the action to the images? How can I avoid an illustrative relation with the production of images? How to prevent the image from being simply a constative presence of the phenomenon it represents? How can I stipulate a way for the images to contain the presence of the body and at the same time be able to manifest a potential of intervention in the real? 

   Through the construction of several devices that disconnect everyday gestures from their commom use, like blowing, seeding, watering, mapping, I attempted to amplify the possibilities of meaning of those gestures and to allow the inclusion of the body in the creation of images. In that sense, the spectator could recover those gestures in the process of seeing the devices, almost as if he/she could reenact the necessary performance that produced the images.

   From Mouth to Sprout is divided into three cores, that were defined by the technical specificities for which three devices were built: 1) From Mouth to Sprout - instrument of measure (2016) focus upon the study of the sunflower growth, searching for a way to sistematize that knowledge into rules applicable in the next phase; 2) From Mouth to Sprout (2015-2016) proposes a coincidence between the gesture of blowing and the forms previously studied; 3) From Mouth to Sprout - seven walks reshapes the aplicability of the first two phase studies, offering a new meaning and functionality to that material.

  In this project a bond between image and function is pursued, even when that function is connected with an absurd or impossible ambition, event when that function simply intend to enhance the imaginary.

© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

From Mouth to Sprout - instrument of measure (2016)        

Installation view: suitcase with soil, sunflower oil, sunflower seeds, photographies, acetate, marker and tape, 

26,4 x 29,9 x 23,5 cm

© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

From Mouth to Sprout - sun record and growth notations (2016)        

Installation view: graphite and heliography (sun on emulsified paper) (series with seven elements), 17,7 x 24 cm;

graphite, color pencil, marker, pen, white charcoal and tape on paper (5 elements: 12,5 x 17,5 cm; 2 elements: 17,5 x 25,1 cm

From Mouth to Sprout - study 3 and study 4 (2015)        

Graphite, pen and white charcoal on black cardboard, 29,7 x 21 cm

From Mouth to Sprout - study 3
From Mouth to Sprout - study 4

From Mouth to Sprout - study 3 and study 4 (2015)        

Graphite, pen and white charcoal on black cardboard, 29,7 x 21 cm

© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

From Mouth to Sprout (2015- 2016)        

Exhibition view: colour print on newspaper (29, 7 x 42 cm); suitcase with wood model, paper and pressure spring (27 x 30 x 4 cm); four drawings: white and black acrylic paint, graphite and colour pencil on paper (each one with 21 x 17 cm).

© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

From Mouth to Sprout - seven walkings (2016)        

Exhibition view: suitcase with wood models, photographies and drawings (32 x 20 x 6 cm); black paperboard with white paper ribbon (21 x 27,9 cm); graphite, marker and pen (black and white) on blue paperboard (42 x 59 cm).

From Mouth to Sprout - gesture revision 1

From Mouth to Sprout - gesture revision 1 (2016)        

Graphite, pen and marker on blue cardboard, 50,1 x 32 cm

From Mouth to Sprout - view 3

© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

From Mouth to Sprout (2014-2016)        

Exhibition view: atlas with images, drawings, photographs, paintings, models, texts, post it, printed image of Luc Tuymans' work (Luc Tuymans, 'Schwarzheide', 1986), 180 x 130 x 110 cm.