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© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno


© Photo credits: Tiago Madaleno

Title: Dedicated to Natália de Andrade

Dimensions: 27 x 16,2 x 0,3 cm

Concept: Tiago Madaleno

Text: Tiago Madaleno 

Design: Tiago Madaleno

Printing: Norcópia

Print run: 100 copies

First edition: May 2018, printed in Portugal

Second edition: October 2020, printed in Portugal

Language: Portuguese

Page number: 8

Color: Black

Exhibitions: - TRABALHO CAPITAL # ENSAIO SOBRE GESTOS E FRAGMENTOS (2019-2020), Centro de Arte Oliva, São João da Madeira;

                      - Wrong Way Up (2018), Artworks, Póvoa do Varzim.

   Dedicated to Natália de Andrade was developed as part of the artistic residency No Entulho #01, promoted by Artworks, at Póvoa do Varzim.  

   In 1982, the portuguese opera diva Natália de Andrade was invited to sing at a television show called Passeio dos Alegres, at RTP. Due to a production error, a rain of rose petals that should be unloaded only in the end of the performance, was released over the singer's head, triggering a simultaneously tragic and comic moment were Natália de Andrade was struggling to project her voice and at the same time trying to stop the petals from falling in her mouth.  

   As part of the project Dedicated to Natália de Andrade, that later would be named Portugal Tour in a Gazebo, the brochure reflects upon some of the project's main questions: the ornament, the kistch and the depreciation of the ilustratitve arts, and the translation between mediums as a narrative tool.

 The brochure invokes the point of view of a character [Damião] to think in the ambiguities of the several symbols present in that performance - the spotlight, the chandelier, the piano and its player, the bag with the petals, the multiple cuts with the comic figures of Tintin and Milu, the camera movements, the dress, the rose. Inspired by the ornament aesthetics and William Morris' naturalistic approach to typography, the brochure speculates upon the development of an infinite pattern and a typography that came from the vocal pattern generated by Natália de Andrade's performance. 

   The design of the brochure, made by Tiago Madaleno, was handmade and then digitalized and printed. The first edition, with 100 copies, was published as part of the artistic residency No Entulho #01, Artworks, Póvoa do Varzim. The second edition, with 100 copies, was published as part of the exhibition TRABALHO CAPITAL # ENSAIO SOBRE GESTOS E FRAGMENTOS, a Paulo Mendes' project, Centro de Arte Oliva, São João da Madeira.